Welcome to EllE Creations

Greetings and welcome to EllE Creations!!!! Where representation
matters!!! EllE Creations is a progressive company dedicated to empowering the youth. The company believes in strong role modeling, inspiring confidence, and offers backpack, lunchboxes, coloring books and much more.

A few of our favorites!

Every bundle set can be purchased individual as the backpack only, lunchbox only or pencil pouch only.

Backpack only $40

Lunchbox only $15

Pencil Pouch only $8

Toddler Backpack $30

Mini Backpack $20

Please send me a message if you would like to purchase items from bundle.

(678) 490-6324

Product Features

Backpack features and dimension.

Insulated Lunchbox features and dimension

Pencil Pouch dimension